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-The GNU Hurd project has successfully participated in the
-[Google Summer of Code 2008](!
+# 2009
-All in all we had five students working on a diverse selection of five projects
-from our [[ideas_list|gsoc/project_ideas]], and the students as well as the mentors
-did a great job!
+The Google Summer of Code is currently in the planning phase.
-## Projects
-* [[Sergiu_Ivanov|scolobb]] worked on **namespace-based translator selection**.
- Although he wasn't an official (sponsored) GSoC student, he worked on his
- project quite as steady as the other students (except for a two week
- vacation). The project however was hampered by various misunderstandings,
- wrong assumptions, and several major redesigns during the course of the work
- -- which is probably more our fault than the student's. In the end, though, he
- completed nsmux (the main namespace proxy handling the magic filename
- lookups, running dynamic translators on demand); he still works on
- finishing the translator stack filtering necessary to implement some of the
- desired functionality (accessing files while skipping existing translators).
-* [[Zheng_Da|zhengda]] worked on **network virtualization** and some related topics. In
- spite of many open design question in the beginning, he did a lot of good
- work -- finishing not only the ethernet multiplexer and filter translators,
- which form the core of his project, but also a glibc patch to allow
- overriding the standard socket servers with environment variables; the
- devnode translator and a pfinet patch to allow accessing network devices
- through device files; support for setting the network device in promiscuous
- mode in gnumach; a pfinet patch to use BPF for the packet filtering instead
- of the old Mach packet filters, and also to set a proper filter rule that
- really only passes the required packages to pfinet; a patch for the subhurd
- boot program to allow giving arbitrary virtual devices to the subhurd; and a
- proxy for the proc server, which allows running unmodified programs with a
- pseudo device master port instead of the real one -- providing some of the
- subhurd functionality without having to start a complete new system instance.
- He is still working on fixing some remaining issues, and on allowing subhurds
- to be run by normal users.
-* [[Flavio_Cruz|flaviocruz]] was working on **Lisp bindings for the Hurd interfaces**,
- and did a great job: Not only did he implement bindings for all low-level
- interfaces as well as higher-level libraries for easy creation of translators
- and other hurdish programs, but also a whole bunch of sample
- translators based on these bindings, some of them quite useful on their own
- account. He also fixed a few bugs in the Hurd he found along the way.
- Presently he is doing some further improvements, like additional abstractions
- and more sample translators.
-* [Andrei Barbu]( was working on
- **porting a kernel instrumentation framework** like dtrace or SystemTap. He
- implemented the necessary kernel infrastructure (and some nice general
- improvements along the way), making it possible to create tracing programs by
- hand; however, only at the end of the summer he realized that SystemTap is
- really extremely Linux-specific (while dtrace was ruled out already at the
- setout because of licensing problems), so there is no nice frontend yet.
- Unfortunately he was not able to continue work beyond the official deadline
- because of his PhD.
-* [[Madhusudan.C.S|madhusudancs]] was working on a **new procfs implementation**, to
- allow running existing programs based on Linux procfs out of the box. He
- managed to implement all the necessary information bits, so the most
- important procfs programs now work; and also fixed the procps program suite
- to actually build on the Hurd. There are still some major bugs left, though.
- Aside from fixing the remaining bugs, he now works on adding some more
- information bits that are nontrivial to implement, and on fixing libgtop to
- work for us as well.
-## IRC meetings
-Since the selection of the students on we have had regular GSoC IRC meetings,
-every Friday 19:00 UTC.
-Minutes from some of the meetings: [[2008/minutes-2008-04-25]],
-[[2008/minutes-2008-05-02]], [[2008/minutes-2008-05-16]]
-We decided to keep up the meetings after the end of official GSoC, so things
-can be properly wrapped up for upstream submission; but also because the
-students want to continue discussing progress with their ongoing work,
-problems, future directions etc.
-I also think that regular IRC meetings are a good thing in general.
-As always, the meetings are not only for (former) GSoC students and mentors,
-but open to any interested party :-)
-If someone of you is lurking around here and would like to contribute,
-but feel that you could do so better under formal mentoring: Please
-speak up at the meeting! :-)
-## History
+# History
2006 and 2007 we participated in GSoC under the umbrella of the GNU project,
getting one slot each year.
<!-- TODO. Extend. -->
-## Joining in
+In 2008 we successfully participated on our own, no longer within the GNU
+project. Read about our five students' success on the [[2008]] page.
+# Joining in
If these successes got you interested in contributing some larger part yourself -
in your free time or maybe in next years Google Summer of Code -