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[[!meta title="Google Summer of Code"]]
+The Google Summer of Code 2013 is over. Chances are that we will again be
+participating in 2014, stay tuned.
We're in! The GNU Hurd project is again participating in the [Google Summer of
Code]( under the [GNU
As of Monday, 2013-04-22 it's the *student application period*. This will last
until [Friday,
2013-05-03](, which
is plenty of time for preparing and discussing your applications -- but please
don't wait to the last minute!
This year's *student application period* is over. Thanks for sending in your
applications! We're now reviewing and discussing these, so please pay
attention to any questions posted on your proposal's page. The Google site's
@@ -37,17 +37,24 @@ with us, be it by answering the evaluators' questions on your proposal's page,
or by talking to us on the [[mailing_lists]] or on [[IRC]]. At this time, it
is important for us to get a good impression about the seriousness you're
showing with your application.
+If you intend to apply for any such projects in the future, it's a good idea to
+already start perparing for it now: the sooner, the better.
It is a good idea to get familiar with the GNU Hurd, by reading some of our
[[documentation]], and by using a GNU/Hurd system. It is also a good idea to
-send in some basic patches (this has already been mentioned in our
-[[student_application_form]]), or discuss with us the principal steps you're
-planning on doing in your intended work area. Of course, we don't expect you
+send in some basic patches (as mentioned in our
+[[student_application_form]]), and talk to us on the [[mailing_lists]] or
+on [[IRC]], for example about the principal steps you're
+planning on doing in your intended work area.
+Of course, we don't expect you
to already start working seriously on your project, but any input you're giving
us will make it easier for us to justify selectiong your specific proposal. At
this time, it is not quantity that matters, and it also is not *the perfect
patch* we're waiting for, but it is rather that we see how you're generally
able to work with the code.
If you have any questions, don't be shy: please ask! Nobody expects you to
know everything. Even for the long-term Hurd contributors it is common to
@@ -56,16 +63,14 @@ how to do `X`, can someone please help me?* And, as we're not working next to
each other in a conventional office or university setup, we'll need to
establish and get used to different communication channels.
boring as it is, but the next step is waiting: we will have to wait for Google
to announce the number of slots that the whole GNU project gets, and we'll be
discussing with our GNU peers about how to split these up among all the GNU
@@ -75,8 +80,10 @@ We have a list of [[project_ideas]], and students are likewise encouraged to
submit their own project proposals. Please follow our
Then, don't forget to visit <>, and press the
button for submitting your proposal.
Please read up about [[contributing]] in general, and please ask any questions
you might have, on the [[mailing_lists]], or on [[IRC]], for example at one of