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## Projects
-* [[Sergiu_Ivanov|scolobb]] worked on namespace-based translator selection.
+* [[Sergiu_Ivanov|scolobb]] worked on **namespace-based translator selection**.
Although he wasn't an official (sponsored) GSoC student, he worked on his
project quite as steady as the other students (except for a two week
vacation). The project however was hampered by various misunderstandings,
@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ less successful:
finishing the translator stack filtering, necessary to implement some of the
desired functionality (accessing files while skipping existing translators).
-* [[Zheng_Da|da]] worked on network virtualization and some related topics. In
+* [[Zheng_Da|da]] worked on **network virtualization** and some related topics. In
spite of many open design question in the beginning, he did a lot of good
work -- finishing not only the ethernet multiplexer and filter translators,
which form the core of his project, but also a glibc patch to allow
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He is still working on fixing some remaining issues, and on allowing subhurds
to be run by normal users.
-* [[Flavio_Cruz|flavioc]] was working on Lisp bindings for the Hurd interfaces,
+* [[Flavio_Cruz|flavioc]] was working on **Lisp bindings for the Hurd interfaces**,
and did a great job: Not only he implemented bindings for all low-level
interfaces as well as higher-level libraries for easy creation of translators
and other hurdish programs, but also implemented a whole bunch of sample
@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ less successful:
and more sample translators.
* [Andrei Barbu]( was working on
- porting a kernel instrumentation framework like dtrace or SystemTap. He
+ **porting a kernel instrumentation framework** like dtrace or SystemTap. He
implemented the necessary kernel infrastructure (and some nice general
improvements along the way), making it possible to create tracing programs by
hand; however, only at the end of the summer he realized that SystemTap is
@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ less successful:
Unfortunately he was not able to continue work beyond the official deadline
because of his PhD.
-* [[Madhusudan.C.S|procfs]] was working on a new procfs implementation, to
+* [[Madhusudan.C.S|procfs]] was working on a **new procfs implementation**, to
allow runnig existing programs based on Linux procfs out of the box. He
managed to implement all the necessary information bits, so the most
important procfs programs now work; and also fixed the procps program suite