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GSoC 2013 updates.
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@@ -58,12 +58,16 @@ establish and get used to different communication channels.
boring as it is, but the next step is waiting: we will have to wait for Google
to announce the number of slots that the whole GNU project gets, and we'll be
discussing with our GNU peers about how to split these up among all the GNU
# Possible projects
@@ -95,4 +99,5 @@ project, getting one slot each year. In the following year, we successfully
participated on our own, instead of as a suborganization of the GNU project.
Read about our five students' success on the [[2008]] page. In the next years,
we again participated under the GNU umbrella with one slot in [[2009]], three
-in [[2010]], one in [[2011]], and two in [[2012]].
+in [[2010]], one in [[2011]], two in [[2012]], three in [[2013]] (one GNU, one
+GCC, one Debian).