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-A month of the Hurd: *bug squashing* and *Hurd in GSoC 2010 with GNU*.
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-> This month saw bugs dieing as they met hackers like
-> [Jérémie, Samuel](,
-> [Da Zheng, Thomas]( and
-> [Jakub](,
-> (keeping it to the ones which were discussed in the
-> [[mailing_list|mailing_lists#bug-hurd]]).
-> Also antrik, Thomas and Cfhammar [wrote](
-> our [[application|community/gsoc/organization_application]]
-> for the Google Summer of Code 2010, but Google is
-> [asking most GNU projects to work under the GNU project umbrella](,
-> so we aren’t listed as project directly. Instead Hurd in GSoC is a subproject of GNU.
-> This means: You can apply for any of the ideas on our
-> [[Hurd_ideas_for_GSoC_2010|community/gsoc/project_ideas]] page via the
-> [GNU project GSoC page]( If you apply, please also include the information from our
-> [[student_application_form|community/gsoc/student_application_form]]. We’re anxious to see your applications!