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Continue to explore the [[list of open bounties|tag/bounty]].
-# g10 Code Maintenance Points
-If you've got more money on hand than hacking time, you might consider buying
-some [maintenance points]( (EUR 10 a point) to
-help the Hurd along. From the [g10 Code](
-> Hurd Maintenance Points are special: Some of our employees are well known
-> Hurd hackers in their spare time; collected points for this program will be
-> given to them in form of paid time.
-See also this related
-And for further motivation, some words of wisdom from Marcus Brinkmann:
-> By the way, if you are more on the speculating side, then it can't harm to
-> just buy one or two maintenance points. That means that at some time I get
-> an incentive to start the hacking, and there is a chance that when I start I
-> don't stop for a while, and just continue on my private time (as I did for
-> the last five years, if I might add that ;).
# Hurd Developer Meetings
Another possibility is to meet with the Hurd developers at a