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-# <a name="Setting_up_GNUstep_on_the_Hurd"> </a> Setting up GNUstep on the Hurd
-GNUstep is not available on the Debian distribution for GNU/Hurd, but it can be built manually. This is, how to do it.
-#### <a name="Prerequisites"> Prerequisites </a>
-This packages should already be installed (Debian package names in brackets): ffcall (libffcall1, libffcall1-dev), libffi (libffi4), libffi4-dev, openssl (openssl), libtiff (libtiff4), libpng (libpng12-0, libpng3), libjpg (libjpeg62), libxml (libxml1, libxml2, libxml2-dev &amp; dependencies), xslt (libxslt1.1, libxslt1-dev &amp; dependencies), ssl (libssl0.9.8, libssl-dev), libungif4-dev libungif4g, aspell (libaspell15, libaspell-dev, aspell &amp; apspell-[for your language, e. g. en]) windowmaker (wmaker), Objective-C-Compiler (gobjc and depending packages)
-#### <a name="Getting_the_sources"> Getting the sources </a>
-To do an up-to-date-installation, download the daily snapshot from GNUstep into one new directory and unzip/untar them:
- wget
-#### <a name="Building_GNUstep"> </a> Building GNUstep
-Everything needed for the GNUstep base system is included into the expanded tarball. This is how to build it:
-Do the following installation as root!
- cd core/make
- ./configure
- make && make install
- cd ..
- . /usr/GNUstep/System/Library/Makefiles/ (see the dot at the begin!)
- cd ../base
- ./configure
- Edit the file Headers/Additions/GNUstepBase/config.h and add "#define BROKEN_SO_REUSEADDR 1" somewhere
- make && make install
- cd ../gui
- ./configure
- make && make install
- cd ../back
- make && make install
-Now, you've built the GNUstep base system. When you want to start a GNUstep application later or want to build one, open a bash shell and enter this command:
- . /usr/GNUstep/System/Library/Makefiles/
-This sets some necessary environment variables.
-#### <a name="Building_GNUstep_apps"> </a> Building GNUstep apps
-You can find some GNUstep applications here: <>
-and here: [\_Page](
-#### <a name="Known_problems"> Known problems </a>
-##### <a name="GNUMail"> </a> GNUMail
-After starting GNUMail, you can only once get mails from a pop3-server. If you want to fetch mails again, you have to restart it.
-##### <a name="GWorkspace_0_8"> GWorkspace 0.8 </a>
-GWorkspace 0.8 expects a /etc/mtab file. If you want to use it, you must manually make this file.
-Example for a /etc/mtab file:
- /dev/hd0s1 / ext2 rw 1 1
--- Thomas Schlesinger - 03 Mar 2006
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-[Kernel Traffic]( publishes newsletters that track the technical developments of various projects of the Free and Open Source world. [Newsletters for the Hurd development]( were published, but not anymore.
-Updated status. -- [[Main/OgnyanKulev]] - 18 Sep 2004
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-## <a name="POSIX_Threads_for_the_Hurd"> </a> POSIX Threads for the Hurd
-One of the features the Hurd has been lacking up til now is support for POSIX threads, pthreads. It has been the show stopper for porting many useful applications and has sometimes been pointed out as one of the bigger problems with the GNU operating system.
-In 2002 however, all this came to an end when Neal Walfield implemented libpthreads for his work on L4 and decided to also make it work on GNUmach.
-Information on the library can be found on Neals web site.
-* <>
-## <a name="Previous_Attempts"> Previous Attempts </a>
-Plans to implement pthreads for the Hurd has existed since, at least, 1999. Mark Kettenis [1] began work that was supposed to be useful on Linux as well. His work was continued by Igor Khavikine [2], who implemented most of it. Igor could however not continue his work so it was picked up by Jeroen Dekkers [3] and Ryan Golbeck. Their work can be found on Savannah, <>.
-1. <>
-2. <>
-3. <>
-Initial version -- [[Main/JoachimNilsson]] - 03 Nov 2002
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-[[meta copyright="Copyright © 2001, 2002, 2006, 2008 Free Software Foundation,
-[[meta license="""[[toggle id="license" text="GFDL 1.2+"]][[toggleable
-id="license" text="Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this
-document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or
-any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant
-Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license
-is included in the section entitled
-[[GNU Free Documentation License|/fdl]]."]]"""]]
-As the Hurd sources are kept and maintained in a CVS repository that
-is accessible via the web, you can follow the progress of development
-closely. We maintain ChangeLogs, in which we record every change to
-the source code at the time it is committed. The links below lead you
-directly to the ChangeLog files in the Hurd and its associated packages.
-If you want to follow the development of the Hurd closely, we suggest
-that you subscribe to the <A
-HREF="">commit-hurd mailing
-list</A> to which notifications about changes to the Hurd source code
-are sent. The <A HREF="/software/hurd/download.html">complete source
-code</A> is also available, of course.
-<H4>The Hurd</H4>
-The Hurd source tree contains many independent parts, and therefore
-has one ChangeLog for each directory. There is one <A
-in the main directory</A>, and one in each of the following
-<LI>Translators and other servers:
-<A HREF="">auth</A>,
-<A HREF="">exec</A>,
-<A HREF="">ext2fs</A>,
-<A HREF="">ftpfs</A>,
-<A HREF="">hostmux</A>,
-<A HREF="">init</A>,
-<A HREF="">isofs</A>,
-<A HREF="">mach-defpager</A>,
-<A HREF="">nfs</A>,
-<A HREF="">nfsd</A>,
-<A HREF="">pfinet</A>,
-<A HREF="">pflocal</A>,
-<A HREF="">proc</A>,
-<A HREF="">storeio</A>,
-<A HREF="">term</A>,
-<A HREF="">tmpfs</A>,
-<A HREF="">trans</A>,
-<A HREF="">ufs</A>,
-<A HREF="">usermux</A>
-<A HREF="">benchmarks</A>,
-<A HREF="">boot</A>,
-<A HREF="">bsdfsck</A>,
-<A HREF="">fstests</A>,
-<A HREF="">sutils</A>,
-<A HREF="">ufs-fsck</A>,
-<A HREF="">ufs-utils</A>,
-<A HREF="">utils</A>
-<LI>Boot code and system programs:
-<A HREF="">login</A>,
-<A HREF="">config</A>,
-<A HREF="">daemons</A>,
-<A HREF="">serverboot</A>
-<LI>Release scripts and packaging:
-<A HREF="">debian</A>,
-<A HREF="">release</A>
-<A HREF="">doc</A>
-<LI>Interface definitions:
-<A HREF="">hurd</A>
-<LI>Support libraries:
-<A HREF="">libdiskfs</A>,
-<A HREF="">libfshelp</A>,
-<A HREF="">libftpconn</A>,
-<A HREF="">libhurdbugaddr</A>,
-<A HREF="">libihash</A>,
-<A HREF="">libiohelp</A>,
-<A HREF="">libnetfs</A>,
-<A HREF="">libpager</A>,
-<A HREF="">libpipe</A>,
-<A HREF="">libports</A>,
-<A HREF="">libps</A>,
-<A HREF="">libshouldbeinlibc</A>,
-<A HREF="">libstore</A>,
-<A HREF="">libthreads</A>,
-<A HREF="">libtrivfs</A>
-The <A
-Mach ChangeLog</A> covers all changes to GNU&nbsp;Mach and <A
-Mach 1 branch ChangeLog</A> those on the <SAMP>gnumach-1-branch</SAMP>.
-Changes before March 1997 are listed in <A
-and <A
-The <A
-HREF="">MIG ChangeLog</A>
-covers all changes to MIG.