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+A month of the Hurd: some more *bug squashing* and *Google Summer of Code 2010*.
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+> This month saw bugs dying as they met hackers like [Jérémie,
+> Samuel](, or
+> [Zheng,
+> Thomas](, or
+> [Jakub](
+> (keeping it to a few ones which were discussed on the [[bug-hurd mailing
+> list|mailing_lists/bug-hurd]]).
+> Olaf, Thomas and Fredrik
+> [wrote]( and
+> submitted our [[community/gsoc/organization_application]] for the Google
+> Summer of Code 2010. However, Google is [asking most GNU projects to work
+> under the GNU project
+> umbrella](,
+> so we aren't listed as an organization on our own, but instead will again
+> participate as a subproject of GNU.
+> Anyway, this organizational detail is not at all important for interested
+> students; you can apply for any of the ideas that are listed on our
+> [[community/gsoc/project_ideas]] page (or come up with your own ideas, of
+> course!) via the [GNU project GSoC
+> page]( If
+> you apply, please also include the information we're asking for on our
+> [[community/gsoc/student_application_form]]. Don't hesitate to
+> [[contact_us]] beforehand, if there are any questions. We're looking forward
+> to seeing your applications, please send them in [before
+> 2010-04-09](!