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## Future Plans
-* I am learning skills to get myself into Central-Cabinet of Government of India. India is the 2nd
- biggest developing economy and hence lots of Software companies will grow here. RMS is working
- hard in this field to spread free software but he dealing with effects rather than the cause. He
- is not the one who decides what the software policy of some company will be, only Government can
- create rules and regulations and push the methods of creating software and for that one needs to be
- in a pretty much higher position in politics. I will go there and do it.
+* I am learning skills to finish what RMS started, GNU/Hurd microkernel. Then replace Linux kernel with Hurd, with GPLv3 of course.
* Yes, I want to learn Jeet-Kuan-Do. I love it as much as I love the copyleft.