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I merged some tiny details from the old faq to the new faq. I also removed any questions and answers from the old faq that the new faq already answers.HEADmaster
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@@ -91,12 +91,6 @@ completion, there is not a lot of guess work.
{ST} The usual rule of thumb applies: the same amount as RAM, for instance.
-?? Can I share swap space between GNU/Linux and GNU/Hurd?
-{NHW} Yes. The default pager recognises and respects Linux swap
-partitions. It will also swap to a raw partition, i.e. anything that it
-does not recognize as Linux swap. Therefore: BE CAREFUL.
?? Why do I get ``Operation not permitted error''?
{MB} You forgot to set the file system owner of the GNU/Hurd partition to
@@ -186,14 +180,6 @@ You can find them, among others, at:
-?? What is a translator?
-{MB} There is a text about translators available at:
-Read this and ask further questions on the mailing lists.
?? What is the login shell?
{MB} The Hurd has the concept of a not-logged in user. This user has
@@ -235,13 +221,6 @@ terminal to `mach-gnu-color'. For instance:
If something went wrong, or if you just wish to exit the Hurd console
then hitting C-A-<backspace> will exit it.
-?? What is the status of X?
-{MB} It works! The packages are available at any Debian ftp mirror.
-Xorg is available, as are some of the v3 servers. Instructions
-on how to use the packages are in the mailing list archive (link follow
?? What are these strange pids `0`, `2', `3', `4`, and `5`?
{MB,ST} Zero is the kernel, one is the root filesystem server, two is the
@@ -316,17 +295,6 @@ happens. Thomas explains:
If you can reproduce this error message, please report it.
-?? What does ``computer bought the farm'' mean ?
-{FH} This message is the text that corresponds to the errno code
-`EIEIO'. Roland McGrath explains:
- That message is not output by any particular servers at
- particular times; rather it is the perror text for the errno
- code EIEIO, which is returned by various RPCs and functions
- for a variety of "hopeless" error conditions.
?? What does ``/dev/hd0s1: MOUNTED READ-ONLY; MUST USE `fsysopts
--writable''' mean?
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+[[!meta copyright="Copyright © 2013, 2016, 2017, 2018 Free Software Foundation,
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+is included in the section entitled [[GNU Free Documentation
+[[!tag faq/support]]
+[[!meta title="Can I share swap space between GNU/Linux and GNU/Hurd?"]]
+Yes. The default pager recognises and respects Linux swap partitions.